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Smartphone Addiction : Beat it and See the Beauty of Life

The smartphone has been made to save our time. But it is a great irony of our time that smartphones are taking a lot of time from our life. The uses of the smartphone have gone to that extent that smartphone addiction has become a severe problem.

Smartphone, tablet, or computer are magnificent products, that we use to our advantage.
But overusing them cause disadvantages, like, compulsive use of them interfere with our work, school and even relationships.

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Some facts:

  • 71% of people sleep with or next to their cell phones.
  • 35% of people think of their cell phones when they wake up while only 10% of people think of their significant others.
  • Nearly 40% of people never disconnect from cell phones, even while on vacation.
  • Conversation killer! 85% of smartphone users will check their device while speaking with friends and family.
  • 80% of smartphone users check their phone within 1 hour of waking or going to sleep, 35% of which will do within 5 minutes.
  • The average time spent on smartphones is 171 minutes a day (2hrs 51mins)

So you see, how much time a smartphone is taking every day, out of your life.

What is Smartphone Addiction?

Call it Smartphone addiction or nomophobia, it actually means, being afraid of not having a smartphone near you. You want a smartphone beside you every moment.
You are always scrolling, or surfing through apps, or jumping from one game to other. It all becomes so addictive that you do can’t keep your hands off the phone.

Here is some pic:

Smartphone Addiction
Smartphone Addiction #1

Smartphone Addiction
Smartphone Addiction #2

Smartphone Addiction
Smartphone Addiction #3

Smartphone Addiction
Smartphone Addiction #4

What are you addicted to when you are addicted to a smartphone?

You can't get addicted to a smartphone, it is only an electronic device.
So, what is that thing, that makes you use it a lot?

The answer is simple.
There are various kinds of apps and games that make you feel special.
Winning in the games makes you feel good, getting a high score creates a lot of pleasure cells.
You want that feeling again and again.

There is a study on, according to which, getting a like on facebook profile pic, or a retweet, releases the same hormone as cuddling.
The body looks at getting likes or engagement on your posts, the same way it looks at cuddling or a presence of loved ones.
So, In a way, these apps and games become an alternative to friends and family and loving members.

Let’s see major problems occurs due to the excessive use of mobile phone.

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Virtual Friendship

Virtual friendship becomes more important than the real one. People start talking to strangers and join many facebook groups. In the end, they start sharing a lot with them.
It kind of feels like they actually care. So we start engaging with the online friend more and more. It comes to that extent we start ignoring people around us for the sake of our smartphones friends.

Friends using a mobile phone while sitting together, or couples using phones in the restaurant is a prime example of this.

Lots of Information

When you use social media a lot, you get loads of information. Information that is not necessary for you.
Because of it, your brain gets filled with the information you don’t need, and you forget the information you need to remember.
How many times it happens you forget the birthday of your dear one. It is because our brain can’t remember lots of things, and the information social media is throwing is garbage.
The long-term effects of this are having very short focus span of our brain.

Online Gamblings

The internet and smartphone have made everything easy. Things we can not even think of doing can be done on the device in our hand.
That made it easy for us to do idiotic things.
People who don’t gamble start using an app that is solely based on gambling. That is Teen Patti.
As you can see, the number of download of a gambling game is high.
Of course, the money is not real, but the thrill and risks are similar.
People get adapted to it and see gambling as natural. When they do it really, it creates a financial loss for them.

Using smartphones a lot is decreasing your thinking and memory ability, making you vulnerable to financial problems. Over the top, it is also causing health-related issues, and breaking the relationships of you with your loved ones.

It must be solved. If you or any other person is getting addicted to a smartphone, you must take steps to solve the smartphone addiction.

How to solve Smartphone addiction?
There are many ways to control the overuse of your smartphones.
But like every treatment, you have to admit that there is a problem, to begin with.
Only then you can see a solution.

smartphone addiction

Let’s see some tips to battle the smartphone addiction

Why you use a smartphone?

Of course, there is much reason you use the phone for.
But when you use the smartphone excessively.
Is it when you are alone and depressed? Or is it when you are drunk and high?
Or when you are angry or upset?
Try to observe your behaviour and find out?
Once you know that, you can find a more healthy way to cope with that emotion, instead of a using a device.

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Coping Skills

Sometimes, people do use the phone to avoid social communications. Or to avoid talking at all.
You may need to develop your communication skills and make yourself a little stronger than the urge of using the phone as an easy road to avoid the drama around you.
This will benefit you in a long run and as well as short run.

Ask for support

Give time to family and friends. When you give time to family and friends and talk with them, the tension decrease.
The pains fade the more you talk about it with your friends.
After talking to them or while talking to them you will realise that you are not using that phones you were using before. This is the power of true love.

It makes you feel complete.
And addicted, of anything, do need support.
So ask for it. It is okay and there is nothing wrong with it.

Use Basic Phone

If you see that it is impossible for you to part from your phone, and the compulsiveness of using the phone is too hard, go buy a basic feature phone. There is many in the market.

The benefit of using basic phones:
You can save a lot of time as you won't be active on social networking apps like Facebook and Whatsapp while on the move.

  • Instead of plain messaging or Whatsapp texts, you will rely more on talking to your friends, relatives or colleagues using your phone. Having a direct talk is often more valuable than text messages or Whatsapp pings.
  • You will save a lot of money on internet connection plans.
  • You will use your phone for the main purpose it was invented for i.e. talking and sending SMS.
  • You won't have to spend money on phone insurance as your basic feature phone would be pretty cheap.
  • You won't have to worry about fitting your large smartphones in your pockets. A basic feature phone is light in weight and smaller in size that can fit everywhere.
  • Instead of spending more time using apps, playing games or browsing the internet, you would get to spend quality time with your family as well as friends.
There are lots of benefit of using the basic phone instead of a smartphone.


The phone is small with minimum features that are needed by you.
There are no lots of apps to keep you busy the whole day.
You can only use this phone to call and send messages.
It supports a single sim card, and the battery lasts more than 2 days.
So you can use this phone for a time, to kill your compulsiveness.

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So tell us what you going to do to battle your smartphone addiction, or how you going to help your friend to fight smartphone addiction.

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